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About Roman Axman

Personal Profile

My name is Roman Axman, I’m a 22 years old student with a passion for art and self-expression, I have a multicultural background which allows me to have a very open mind and have knowledge coming from 3 different cultures, Italy, Netherlands and Turkey.

My style is in continuous evolution, i like to experiment with my art in multiple ways: mixing and combining colours, trying different type of paints, varnishes and textures. I strongly believe art is a way to express myself, my emotions, states of mind and my beliefs, this should be true for everyone. Art is not only about painting, I like to see art in music, dancing, writing, mixing, building and in many other ways, I don’t want to constraint art to museums or exhibits. It’s fascinating how you can find art in very different forms. Another important feature of my paintings is the importance of errors in art, I never correct my mistakes because I think they are part of the artwork, my art is not about precision and perfection but about spontaneity and beauty. In my first exhibit I collaborated with another artist, with very similar characteristics to mine, in creating a series of paintings “à deux mains”, we called the series “Journez”. The concept of the collab is the importance of mistakes in art, our first painting is in fact an overall mistake that became the thing in it self.

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